Boats & Buses

Naiad 12.5 Vessels

   8 Boats
   43 Seats

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys has eight 12.5m Naiad vessels which are used for Bruny Island Cruises and Tasman Island Cruises.

These 43-seat vessels are ideally suited for eco-cruising in the waters of South East Tasmania. They're safe, comfortable and purpose built for the rugged coast of Southern Tasmania. Their unmatched manouevrability gets you closer to cliff faces and allows us to cruise inside the deep sea caves.

Designed by Robert Pennicott in conjunction with Kirby Marine (Western Australia) and Naiad (New Zealand), each 12.5 metre Naiad is powered by three low emission, fuel efficient Yamaha four-stroke outboards.

There is an onboard toilet, an overhead canopy and tiered, forward facing, open-air seating to ensure excellent all-round viewing. Not being closed in by glass enables you to feel a close connection with the wildlife and natural environment. 


Naiad 11.3 Vessels

   3 Boats
   20 Passengers

In 2013, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys introduced three brand-new 11.3m Naiad specialised vessels which are based in Hobart and used for Iron Pot Cruises and Tasmanian Seafood Seduction.

Each vessel has 12 leather seats and can take a maximum of 20 passengers. 

These vessels have been designed by Robert Pennicott in conjunction with Kirby Marine (Western Australia) and Naiad (New Zealand). They feature a unique design with a spacious enclosed cabin, luxury leather seats, a toilet and large awning windows that allow guests to immerse themselves in their surroundings.  

Steps fold down from the bow, allowing guests to step off onto remote beaches. At the back of the boat, there's a kitchen area where we prepare the gourmet seafood experience for Tasmanian Seafood Seduction. You are welcome to move freely throughout the boat during the voyage - great for photo opportunities!


The Blade

   Three Capes Track, Port Arthur
   30 Seats

In 2015, Pennicott Wilderness Journeys introduced the first Catamaran to its fleet. The vessel named ‘The Blade’ has been specifically designed for Australia’s premier walking experience the Three Capes Track

The 11.8 metre Catamaran has been designed locally by Fred Barrett and built in Hobart by Paul Harvey of Alufab Marine & Fabrication. The vessel is powered by four 250 horse power Yamaha outboards and features a toilet and forward facing seating for up to 30 walkers.

The spacious boat has great vantage points for photos and guests are welcome to stand. At the bow of the boat a ramp folds down and allows walkers to step off onto Denman’s Cove and take the first steps of their Three Capes Track experience. 



Pennicott Wilderness Journeys has a fleet of 14 buses.  

  • 2x 13 Seat Commuters
  • 2x 21 Seat Coasters
  • 3x 20 Seat Coasters
  • 1x 24 Seat Rosa
  • 5x 34 Seat Hino RB8s
  • 1x 67 Seat Coach